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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Doors opening

Hey friends!

I am so excited because I'm really seeing the doors open! Those that persevere and strive to not be weary of doing good, that is what we are expectantly waiting on, that open door! Sometimes the hope and faith wanes, but we are ever hoping and expecting good things from our Lord! He is faithful to not dissapoint! There's a gospel song that says: "He's an on time God. He may not come when we want it, but he'll be there right on time!" Amen to that!

I told you in my last blog that one of my songs, actually the first song I wrote and recorded, Your sins Are Washed Away, made it as song of the month on http://www.yourhymn.com. If you go to this site this month, there is a link right on the main page that leads to my song. I don't get a monetary reward for this, but I am excited at every opportunity to put my music out there and spread the good news. This song reaches out to the unsaved people and assures them that God is so quick to forgive and restore if they just give over their lives to Him. I want to share a really touching comment a friend left on this page. As far as I know, she is not a Christian, and she used to be my manager at a retail store:

"I love this song. Sarah sent me a CD and I listen to it when I'm driving home, late at night after a long stressful day at work. It makes me realize that there is more to life than work and I can relax knowing not only does someone understand me but, they will forgive me. strong voice and so inspiring!"

That comment alone makes it all worth it!!!! This type of impact is what I'm looking for in life!

One of my friends forwarded this link for the song of the month to someone she knows. That person contacted me about singing and ministering in a concert event that will benefit a Christian youth organization!! Wow!

I also put a new video on YouTube and Tangle. The song is called No Eye Has Seen, and again, I sing a cappello because I don't play instruments. What blows me away is that I put it out there on Sunday morning, and by the end of Monday, it had over 700 views and it was the 8th most popular video of the day on Tangle! God did that because that never happened to any of my other videos and I did not pay to promote the video. I can't afford to do that! I think the Lord wanted to use that video because it is about how if we commit our lives to God, He has such an awesome plan for our lives. There are a lot of scripture references in the video to back this up. Please check it out.

Let me know what you think of the video!

Speaking of instruments, I have always wanted to be able to play an instrument to accompany my songs. I used to think I wanted to play piano because I grew up around a lot of piano. It is a very beautiful instrument. Lately, I've been thinking guitar. I have a niece who is only 13 who has offered to start teaching me! My dad said he will lend me his right handed guitar. I am left handed, but it's a start! Pray for me! That I will quickly learn this instrument and that God will continue to bless and grow my ministry.

Be blessed!

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